Customer Service

Effortless – From start to finish, Voice Solutions® provides full service training, expertise, and support to help achieve your goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Support is available with purchases. Voice Solutions® offers 6 months of support to get you out of those irritating binds. Please contact Voice Solutions for more information.

What are my payment choices?

* We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Cal. Cards. * Prepaid Cashier Check/Money Order
* Prepaid Personal Check – Please allow approximately 5 business days for the check to clear.

Voice Solutions® offers even more now, to assist your needs!
We now offer more ways for you to get on the hands free road to success. You can now download these applications below to fill out and send to us so we can set you up on a leasing plan for all the products and serves that you need.


How do I check status on my order?
For your convenience, Voice Solutions® will send you updates regarding any pending orders via email. However, you can also obtain your order status by calling us toll free at (877) 653-7007

How do I get a tracking number?
Just give us a call!

Voice Solutions® issues refunds on products that receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within 30 days of delivery unless otherwise noted at the time of sale. Customers who receive a RMA are responsible for return freight on the item and customers must ship the return within 15 days of the RMA being issued or the return will be cancelled.


Tech Support Numbers of Vendors for out of support or warranty

Acer- 800-816-2237

Apple- 800-275-2273

Dell- 800-348-6147

HP/Compaq 800-474-6836

Hitachi- 800-448-2244

Lenovo- 800-426-7378


Toshiba- 800-457-7777

Freedom Scientific 727-803-8600

Kurzweil 800-894-5374

Microsoft 800-642-7676

Nuance- 770-702-6014




HP-HP printer website

Humanware 800-722-3393

Irie (Alva Braille Displays) 888-308-0059