Training & Support

Installation and Setup
Voice Solutions® provides full-service installation and setup to ensure maximum performance of your purchase. Since improper installation can cause obstruction in software/hardware performance, an experienced technician from Voice Solutions can help eliminate technical difficulties.

As our signature service for 20 years, Voice Solutions® places great importance on training. We provide customized on-site training for government agencies, professionals, universities, students of all ages, DOR, and individuals throughout the country. Proper training from Voice Solutions provides crucial tips on how to use programs and equipments efficiently and effectively. Saves time, eliminates frustrations, ensures a quick and successful start

Tech Support Numbers of Vendors


Acer- 800-816-2237

Apple- 800-275-2273

Dell- 800-348-6147

HP/Compaq 800-474-6836

Hitachi- 800-448-2244

Lenovo- 800-426-7378


Toshiba- 800-457-7777


Freedom Scientific 727-803-8600

Kurzweil 800-894-5374

Microsoft 800-642-7676

Nuance- 770-702-6014





HP-HP printer website

Humanware 800-722-3393

Irie (Alva Braille Displays) 888-308-0059